Quartz Compac Worktops


GraniteQuartz Compac has been created using the most advanced technology, by which natural quartz is transformed into a product of exceptional strength and beauty.

This elegant product of exceptional hardness and resistance to impact is ideal both for areas that have heavy traffic surfaces as well as for household environments. Its minimal absorption, ease of cleaning and low maintenance make it a highly recommendable choice for bathrooms or kitchens, as it is extremely resistant to abrasion, acids, oils, etc.

There are a number of the colours to choose. From Apple, Lime and Orange, to the contemporary and vibrant and a with very subtle mirror flecks, the most popular being "Azabache" (Sparkly Black) also there is the Absolute Blanc, which is solid white. For ultra contemporary there is Silver, incorporating gold and silver flecks on a mid grey background. Please see the Colour Chart by clicking here, or on the link in the menu to the right.


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