Frequently Asked Questions


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Which worktop type do I choose?

There are various types of worktops available in the high street, but if you want to have quality, durability, high standard workmanship and an individualistic luxury kitchen, you will need to use Granite.

Granite is quarried from volcanic material, the minerals in the stone, being quarts and mica, give the stone it’s sparkle and will always differ to a certain extent, therefore nobody else will have the exact same work top as you. Not only will we treat it and polish it to the highest standard, but the worktop edgings, of which we have various styles, will give the whole worktop a more luxurious look. We can also provide the splash backs and up stands, in the same granite, all around the worktop, again giving the area a very professional and clean finish.

Marble, although it is also a natural stone with beautiful grains, it is not as hard as granite, a little porous and even with treatment and polishing, it can still stain and being of such a light colour, you may need to take more care of it. Although marble is a wonderful stone for walls for instance, we would not recommend it for work tops, which get a lot of regular use.

Composite stone can also be used for work tops and being a mixture of actual stone and resin is very strong and more uniform in colour than the pure stone, therefore it is also used for kitchen and other work tops.


What is Granite?

Granite is as old as the earth – a natural stone of volcanic origin, formed millions of years ago beneath the earth surface.

Granite is subject to colour and texture variation – as unique patterns were formed when cooled millions of years ago, making each worktop unique.

Colours range through from Black, Blue, Green, Red, Brown, Gold & White. (please put a link to the granite colour chart) Some have subtle changes in pattern and colour, while others have bold striking patterns, flecks, blotches and veins.

How long will it take to deliver and install my work top?

From templating to installation we ask you to allow approximately 5 working days, but that is only if the stone slab you require is in stock. If the stone needs to be ordered, then it will take a little longer. We shall be able to advise you accordingly at time of templating.


What should I use for daily cleaning?
Most polished granites will retain their shine and colour for a great many years and the only maintenance required is regular washing with clean, hot water to remove surface dirt.


Will food & drink stain granite?
Your worktops have been sealed to protect against normal everyday stains, however, spilages such as wines and acidic substances (e.g. vinegar) should be wiped clean as soon as possible.


Can I use granite as a cutting surface?
As with any high quality work surface care should be taken. We recommend the use of a chopping board.


Can I expect variations in the colour & Veining of my granite?
Yes – unlike man-made products, you have selected a material that has a natural make up and beauty, which is impossible to create under factory conditions. Variations in colour and veining will occur. The amount of fissures and pores will also differ in each granite worktop.

It is natural for a slight colour change to occur over a period of time where the stone is exposed to natural sunlight. Customers should be aware that an item left on a worktop, which is exposed to natural sunlight may leave a mark.

All these are characteristics of natural stone.


Do you give guarantees for your work tops?
We guarantee the workmanship. Stone being a natural material, it cannot be guaranteed, but we only import top quality stone, where the colour as also the state of the stone is closely checked, we do all we possibly can to ensure your work top is as perfect as possible. Your work top will rest on the carcasses of the floor units, thereby not having the solid support throughout the slab.


Where is your serving area?
We cover the South East of England.



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